Where it All Began

It was during the summer of 2015 at an outdoor Avett Brothers concert in Cleveland, Ohio where Holly and I participated in a Bud Light promotion titled “Your Summer Bucket List”. We did this in order to ‘win’ a free sailor hat that wasn’t particularly special and that neither of us particularly cared for – but hey, it was a free sailor hat and by god we wanted it! In order to score our unremarkable sailor hats we were asked to look into a camera and answer a simple question: ‘What is on your summer bucket list’? I went first and gave an answer that was so lame I don’t even remember it, but (while I was proudly adjusting my new hat) Holly gave an answer that would forever change the course of our lives…

A bit dramatic? Maybe, but hear me out.

The answer she gave would inadvertently send us on a spontaneous two-day road trip involving a haunted hotel, a Mothman, a dead cave and an extreme horseback ride (I mean extreme). Little did we know, as Holly told the camera that she wanted to throw a dart at a map and pack up and go wherever it landed, that we would actually do it. Little did we know that after we went on that epic three-day road trip we would start a whole list – we would call the ‘36 List’ – which was a mini one-year bucket list that we were self-required to complete before our 37th birthdays.

LITTLE DID WE KNOW that the ‘36 List’ would inspire the ‘37 List’, which would inspire us to jump out of an airplane and play extreme UNO outside in a thunderstorm; and that we would do all of this with Holly’s present-day fiance she would meet for the first time, in line at that same summer concert, just a few short minutes after she gave the answer that would forever change the course of our lives…

Not so far-fetched now, is it?

So, the question is….What’s on your list??