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What exactly is Surprise Travel?

Booking a Surprise Travel Package is like throwing a dart at a map and going where it lands, only with the peace of mind you will end up somewhere enjoyable tailored to your likes and preferences.

How does Surprise Travel work?

Start by choosing your trip dates and length of stay and tell us if you prefer to drive yourself or take a plane, train or bus to your surprise destination.  Choose any package upgrades then fill out a short survey to let us know your likes and dislikes.  All that’s left is to pack your bags and get excited!  We will send you information a week in advance of your trip letting you know the weather forecast for the location you are heading and any other important details, like if there is anything you specifically need to pack.  A few days ahead of your trip you will receive a package from us in the mail containing your full trip itinerary.  It is up to you if you want to open it then, or wait until you start your journey!

Can I give a Surprise Destination Package to someone as a gift?

Absolutely!  The real question is why AREN’T you giving everyone on your list a Gift Certificate from Don’t Forget The List?  Surprise Travel is trending, so why not show off your trendiness while giving an awesome experience gift to someone special in your life?  Gift Certificates are good for any of our travel services, including our premier Bucket List Tours.

What makes us different than other Surprise Travel companies

There are other companies that offer Surprise Travel, but ours is special because we aim to make every single trip Bucket List worthy.  We strive to make sure you are still sharing your epic experience with your friends and family years after you travel with us.  We also purchase carbon offsets for each of our trips because we believe the world is an amazing place to explore and want to keep it that way for generations to come.