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Don’t Forget The List is an innovative travel company that specializes in Surprise Travel and Bucket List Journeys.  We believe the power of exploration can rejuvenate your passion for life! Surprise Travel transforms how you vacation by leaving all the planning to us while awakening your sense of adventure. Let us send you on a journey of a lifetime, designed to ensure you Don’t Forget your Bucket List anytime soon.

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Holly Becht

Much to the chagrin of her mother, Holly began travelling in her late teens.  “I was never afraid to just go off by myself and see what was out there, I’ve met some of the most amazing people that way!”  She has traveled throughout Mexico, zip lined through the rain forest canopy and slid down a ¼ mile natural water slide through the woods in Costa Rica.  No stranger to the strange, her passions also include medieval history and as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), a living medieval re-enactment group, you can bet she will be travelling back in time to the 14th Century at some point during the year!

Holly’s professional experience helped her think outside the box when it came to travel.  “As an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a large company that loved to travel, I had to hone my organizational skills and be creative in my approach to making sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time and everything was set up correctly.  There would be times where we had 200 people traveling at the same time, it was chaotic and hectic and anything less than perfection was unacceptable.” Whether you are a single traveler or planning for a large group, let Holly take the stress out of the planning so all you have to do is pack and Don’t Forget the List!

Lisa Buie

Lisa Buie

Lisa’s love for travel and adventure began when she backpacked through Peru for three months in college, visiting Macchu Pichu, the Nazca lines, and the Amazon Rainforest.  “A trip like that changes a person forever and I was no exception”.  Since then she has extensively traveled the US and the United Kingdom, jumped out of an airplane and threw a dart at a map and went where it landed!  The word “boredom” is not in her vocabulary and she is ready to take on all that this amazing world has to offer.

With a well-rounded resume boasting Parks and Recreation Management as well as seven years of travelling as a Professional Archaeologist, Lisa is no stranger to exploration and adventure.

Whatever your budget, goals and adventure level, let her sort through the details so you can spend more time writing and checking off your own Bucket List!


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